Lori Winschel

The Lodge Group Exercise Team
Title: BODYPUMP™/BODYFLOW™ Instructor
Lori Winschel

Born and raised in the St. Louis area...go Cardinals and go Blues!

Why I Got Involved In Teaching Group Exercise
I always like to be part of a group.  While I am very independent, it is much more fun to work out with buddies.  Your classmates weekly hold you accountable and we become a group fitness family.  I have a performance background, so once I fell in love as a participant, I felt the urge to teach and get in front of the class.  I wanted to inspire everyone to enjoy fitness and fall in love with it the way my instructors inspired me.  

What Motivates Me to Keep In Shape
I enjoy seeing my progress week to week in class.  I am very competitive in nature, so competing with myself is the ultimate challenge.  

Why My Class Is Unique
I strive daily to give my participants the "why".  It makes a world of difference not only knowing what to do, but why it benefits you.     


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