Jenny Woodard

The Lodge Group Exercise Team
Title: Barre/Dance Group Exercise Instructor
Jenny Woodard

Florissant, MO

Why I Got Involved In Teaching Group Exercise
I had never done any sort of gym routine or organized fitness before 2010. I rode and trained horses growing up, so that was always my physical activity, however a fall that resulted in a compression fracture in two areas of my spine and then a few years later tearing a disc in the lumbar region of my back forced me to give up riding horses. I've always struggled with my weight since high school, almost 200 lbs at my heaviest! I tried a Zumba class on a whim on day, and stood in the back corner of the room. I felt very awkward and insecure, but I kept going back because I loved the music. I found ways to move my body that I didn't know I was capable of! As my confidence grew, so did my love for Zumba. I wanted to completely immerse myself in this wonderful world, so I decided to get my license to teach and have loved every minute!

What Motivates Me To Stay In Shape
For me, fitness has become very personal...and necessary! I want to look and feel good about myself, and I need to keep my core as strong as I can to support my weak back. Having been the "heavy" girl, I know the struggle and disappointment of clothes shopping, and the insecurity of wearing a swimsuit to the pool. I want to set a good example for my daughter, my classes, friends, family, etc. and help them achieve a healthy lifestyle and the fitness goals they desire.

Why My Class Is Unique
Each instructor teaches Zumba a little differently, and my style is focused more on using muscle groups, isolating movements to trouble areas (tummy!!) while incorporating great music and fun, sexy Latin dance moves. I want each person who attends my class to leave with sweat on their back and a smile on their face. I am not afraid of making a fool out of myself if it will help lighten the mood or help someone feel more confident! Laughter, aside from a healthy lifestyle, really is the best medicine, so if you had fun and worked up a little sweat in my class, then my job was done right!


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