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The Lodge Group Reservation Form

  1. Please complete the following information.
    Please note - Your requested date/time is not guaranteed until Lodge staff calls you to confirm.

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  4. Please select all the areas of interest:
  5. All groups must come together and payment of $6 per guest must be made by the group leader. Please be prepared to make one payment for your group with cash, check, American Express, Visa, MasterCard or Discover.
  6. The Lodge Group Rate Conditions
    - Groups of 20-50 people are eligible to receive the group rate.
    - The Group Leader must schedule the group visit with The Lodge Event Coordinator at least two weeks in advance. Unscheduled groups will not receive the group rates.
    -Group visits are limited between Memorial Day and Labor Day or holiday weeks. The Lodge reserves the right to accept or deny requests based on facility availability.

    - There must be a minimum of one adult supervisor per 10 children.

    - The Group Leader must pay the total fee in full.

    - The group must follow the rules of The Lodge.

    - Admission to The Lodge gives the group access to the gymnasium, indoor/outdoor aquatic center, and locker rooms. The Lodge cannot guarantee that all of these areas will be available on the date of the visit.

    - The group must provide their own towels, locks, and sports equipment.

    - The Lodge will not be responsible for any personal property.

    - Food may not be brought into The Lodge. Food items may be purchased from The Lodge Café.

    - Facilities are available to people of all abilities. Group Leader may not exclude anyone from participation or subject anyone to discrimination based on race, religion, color, national origin or disability.

  7. By submitting this form, I agree to the Group Rate Conditions at The Lodge.

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