Audit & Finance Committee


  • Fourth Wednesday of each month
  • 4:30 p.m. in the Heimsch Room at City Hall - The Committee is currently meeting virtually due to COVID-19
  • May meet more frequently during the budget and audit cycles
  • To view Agendas and Minutes, please click here 

The Audit and Finance Committee is the fiscal watchdog for the City of Des Peres. The committee has seven members: six citizens from the community, appointed by the Mayor, and one member from the Board of Aldermen.

The committee is staffed by the Director of Finance and the Assistant City Administrator. The members serve a term of two years. Current members include:

Richard Carver (Ward 1)Term to expire June 30, 2025
Randy Atkisson (Ward 2)Term to expire June 30, 2025
Lori Hartmen (Ward 3)Term to expire June 30, 2025
Katrina Pon (Ward 1)Term to expire June 30, 2024
Brent Dolezalek (Ward 2)Term to expire June 30, 2024
Conor Ward (Ward 3)Term to expire June 30, 2024
Patrick Barrett, Aldermanic Representative 


The duties of the committee are to:
  • Review the annual budget, consider changes requested by departments and commissions not already included in the budget, and make recommendations for changes to the Mayor and the City Administrator
  • Examine the monthly financial statements for budgetary control and sound management practices
  • Review the results of the annual audit with the auditing firm and present the results of the audit to the Board of Aldermen
  • Make recommendations to the Mayor and Board of Aldermen on the need for implementation of studies to improve results in broad areas of management, organization, and operation functions