Lodge Gymnasium
Gym Schedule 2023-9 wall



The Lodge Court 2 is available to rent for basketball and volleyball practices! Contact Darryl Miller at 314.835.6164

Online Gym Permit Application (At this time the gymnasium is unavailable for rental)


  • $40/Member or Resident per hour
  • $55/Non-Resident per hour


  • One regulation basketball court that divides into two smaller courts with an electric curtain
  • Two volleyball courts with retractable net
  • Six height-adjustable and retractable basketball goals with glass backboards
  • Two Nevco scoreboards
  • Suspended 1/10 mile, Surface type: Mondo, installed 2017
  • Two sets of three-tier bleachers, 15 feet wide each
  • Bleachers are tilt and roll style
  • Basketballs, volleyballs and soft soccer balls are available to check for Lodge Members and Residents.  


  • The Lodge gymnasium will be available for basketball, pickleball and volleyball only
  • Sealed water bottles are welcome
  • Food is not permitted
  • Balls may not be kicked or thrown against the walls or the dividing screen
  • All children under nine years old must be supervised at all times in the facility
  • Shirts and non-marking tennis shoes must be worn at all times
  • Indecent language, excessively loud noise/music, disorderly conduct, and immoral actions is not permitted
  • No dunking or hanging on any baskets
  • Full court play is currently not permitted. (Please check gymnasium schedule for updates).