Vacation Home Watch

About the Service

The Des Peres Department of Public Safety offer the residents of the City of Des Peres a Vacation House Watch Program. Residents may contact the department prior to a vacation or business trip and request that a patrol car make periodic checks of their home while they are away. Be sure to mention what lights you will leave on in the house, what lights you will have set on timers, and what security devises you have to protect your home. Officers will then patrol your house on the dates specified.


This service is free of charge and while we do not guarantee that it will keep anything from happening while you are gone, it should give you peace of mind to know that our officers will drive by your home periodically and look for strange vehicles or people at your home.

Schedule a Vacation Home Watch

If you would like your home checked while you're away, please submit the Online Registration Form. You may also complete and return this Residential Out of Town Notification to the Department of Public Safety at 1000 N. Ballas, Des Peres, MO 63131 or by fax to 314.835.6205.


By submitting this request the homeowner acknowledges that the Public Safety Department and the City do not assume any liability for loss or damage to property during specified dates. The homeowner understands there is no guarantee that vacation checks will be done daily. The homeowner understands that Officers may, during a security check, find the home to be unsecure and may conduct an inspection of the interior of the residence to determine if a crime has occurred