Residential Security Surveys

About the Survey

The Des Peres Department of Public Safety offers a residential security and safety survey to enhance your personal safety, protect valuables in your home, and address safety issues regarding building and fire safety. We can assess your home security by checking doors, locks, windows, lighting, and landscaping and provide information on personal safety issues to family members regarding door/telephone answering procedures, locking responsibilities, and intruder-in-the-house procedures. We address alarm issues and special security measures regarding safes, guns, and jewelry as well as protecting traceable property such as computers, stereos, and television sets by using Operation Identification.

Survey Details

There is never a guarantee that any security measure that you have in place will prevent intrusion. However, you can reduce the risk by following recommendations made through a residential security survey. This service is provided at no cost.

If you would like to have a security survey done for your home or would like more information on residential security surveys, please contact us at 314-835-6200.