Project Summary

Microsurfacing is a thin overlay (1/4"-3/8") that is applied to asphalt as a wearing surfacing, providing a fresh look and extending pavement life. While microsurfacing has been used by St. Louis County and various municipalities for many years, this will be the first time for Des Peres. The product goes down as a slurry, and takes a few hours to dry. The drying time depends on temperature, humidity, wind, and sunlight. Accordingly, streets will be completely closed to all traffic on the day the work is completed. But there is minimal prep work, so the inconvenience only lasts that one day. On streets with striping, the lines are replaced a week or so later. Restriping too quickly can result in discolored paint. Temporary markers will be placed in the interim.

This year's project consists of: Old Dougherty Ferry, Bellerosa (Dr/Ct/Pl), Highland Avenue (north of bridge), Westmark Drive, Movie Drive, and Sateen Drive.

Project Update and Schedule

Bids were opened April 6th, and Missouri Petroleum was the low bidder. Work is expected to take place in late September due to supply chain issues that delayed projects in other states.. 

Last updated 9/6/23