Snow Removal

The Department of Public Works would like to educate residents about removing snow, and have prepared the following tips to follow:

  • Keep your car off the street.  Park in your garage or driveway to allow more efficient salting and plowing of the street.
  • Do not shovel snow from your driveway into the street. Such unnatural accumulations can be a hazard to motorists.
  • Do not pile snow too high in front of your mailbox. Mail cannot be delivered if the pile is too high or extends too far into the road.
  • Make certain your mailbox pole is sturdy and the box is securely attached. Snow coming off the snowplows can put a heavy force on the posts and deteriorated wood or rusty metal supports may break.
  • Try to stay off streets during the periods of heaviest snowfall.  Accidents are more likely when visibility is reduced, pavements are slippery, or slating operations are underway.

We've also included our Snow Fighting Policy in its entirety below. 
Des Peres Snow Fighting Policy and Action Plan 

For more information on snow removal, please contact the Department of Public Works at (314) 835-6130.

Snow Control Brochure - Click Below

Brochure Cover