Arika Wilson

The Lodge Group Exercise Team
Title: BODYFLOW™ Group Exercise Instructor
Arika Wilson

Why I Got Involved In Teaching Group Exercise
When I first took BODYFLOW, it was so liberating. The different elements combined made me feel like my body was changing with every class. BODYFLOW was a secret I couldn’t keep to myself!  

What Motivates Me To Keep In Shape
My first love has always been Yoga. The idea that my practice is my own and it may look unique allows me to be strong and not compare myself to others. This tip has kept me happily entertained creating the body and lifestyle I WANT

Why My Class Is Unique
I am dedicated to teaching each and every student how to listen to their bodies. My class is meant to encourage and strengthen the connection with mind, body, spirit. I allow participants to work at their own pace in a free flowing space 


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