Pauline McBride


Webster Groves Missouri 

College Attended: 
Saint Louis Community College, Fontbonne University and L'ecole Culinaire

Why I Got Involved In Teaching Water Exercise: 

After having a knee replacement in 2010, my doctor told me that I wasn't allowed to stand or sit for more than four hours at a time. You do that, I had in my professional cooking career after 30 years. I had to do something that would be easier on my joints, so water was the perfect choice

What Motivates Me To Keep In Shape: 

One of my biggest motivation factors was that in 2017, I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I knew that I had to make a choice: get fit or stay on medication for basically the rest of my life. So the choice was obvious, for me, anyway.

Why my Class is Unique: 

I like to think that my class is unique because of my freestyle approach to instructing. The majority of my routines( mostly shallow water) are choreographed, so the moves put the music. My classes seem to enjoy that, because I expose them to all genres of music. We also have a lot of fun doing them.  That's what makes instructing so special.

How long have I taught group exercise? 

I've been teaching group exercise for four years, starting out as a sub. And I have been participating in classes for about 15 years.


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