Karen Morrow

The Lodge Group Exercise Team
Title: Cycling/Group Strength/Boot Camp Instructor

St. Louis, MO

College Attended
The Cleveland Institute of Art (Medical Illustration) and Lindenwood University (BS, MS, HR Management)

Why I Got Involved In Teaching Water Exercise
I used to attend group exercise classes with my Mom and sisters when I was younger and wanted to teach after my second class! The instructor was so uplifting! I also think it’s because of my love of movement combined with great music. I get to create fun classes, keep people moving, and watch students leave class feeling great!

What Motivates Me To Keep In Shape:
I experienced a sudden onset of A-fib when I was 38 with four young children. I had been in shape most of my life, but after my fourth child was born, I “ran out of time to work out.”  SOUND FAMILIAR? My goal is to practice what I preach and that is incredibly motivating!

Why My Class Is Unique? 
I add a lot personal attention to each class member. I watch for form and make sure they are working hard, but also enjoying the experience! Does not matter if there are two members or 50.

How Long Have I've Taught Group Exercise
I have been coaching or teaching for most of my life. ??I enjoy it tremendously and hope people pick up my enthusiasm and carry it through their day!

How Long Have I've Participated in Group Exercise
I have been a participant since grade school...;) you can guess how long that’s been!

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