The Lodge Group Exercise Team 

1050 Des Peres Road
Des Peres, MO 63131



Link: Group Exercise Program

Name Title Email Phone
Bacott, Lezlie Cycling
Baxendale, Mariette Zumba
Cutelli, Gina Zumba
Davidson, Christy Cycling, Yoga & Boot Camp
Duff, Amy Zumba
Goodall, Hal Yoga for EveryBODY & Group Strength
Goodall, Susan Low Impact
Gresick, Cathy Barre
Hartfelder, Karin Cycling & Group Strength
Heizer, Artie Pilates
Howe, Debbie Balance and Strength
James, Rebekah Barre
Melching, Jessica Cycling & Boot Camp
Mobley, Michelle Variety
Mooney, Kate Group Strength & Basic Training
Motta, Denise Yoga
Petruska, Laura Barre, Cycling & Group Strength
Sansone, Cynthia Variety
Silvers, Melissa Cycling & Fit For Life
Sotiriou, Katie Group Strength
Swoboda, Mimi Zumba
Waite, Michelle Cycling, Group Strength & Yoga
Wilkinson, Stephen Variety
Woodard, Jenny Zumba