Link: The Lodge

Name Title Email Phone
Schaffer, Brian Director of Parks and Recreation 314-835-6161
Johnson, Kimberly Administrative Assistant 314-835-6156
Thole, Nikki Recreation Superintendent (Programs/Marketing) 314.835.6160
Heidger, Margaret Facility Superintendent (Operations) 314-835-6164
Boyle, Daniel Fitness Supervisor (Operations/Personal Training) 314-835-6153
Christian, Sarah Fitness Specialist (Programs/Group Exercise) 314-835-6168
Springman, Amy Aquatic Supervisor (Ops, Group Swim Lessons) 314-835-6162
Chamberlin, Emily Aquatic Specialist (LGs, Private Swim Lessons) 314-835-6167
Lundstrom, Jayne Recreation Supervisor (Community Programs/Cafe) 314-835-6155
Newgent, Corey Sports Supervisor (Programs/Leagues/Field Rentals) 314-835-6166
Armstrong, Melissa Marketing & Event Supervisor (Rentals/Sponsors) 314-835-6154
Kaminski, Aaron Facility Specialist (Memberships/Birthday Parties) 314-835-6152
Merlo, Gerald Building Maintenance Supervisor 314-835-6146
Lewis, James (Woody) Building Maintenance Supervisor 314-835-6159