Fitness & Wellness



Join a Lodge Personal Trainer for this unique class designed for all fitness levels and ideal for those looking to start their journey toward a healthier life. Goalbusters includes a variety of timed strength training and cardiovascular exercises with short rest periods to keep your heart rate elevated and tone your body all at the same time!  Be assured that anyone can take this class as you set the pace for your repetitions and exercise modifications are readily available.  This class works for beginners all the way to experienced exercisers.  Participants will have their own set of equipment as well as their own 6’ X 6’ square exercise area spaced 10 feet away from other participants. Minimum 5/Maximum 12

 Cost: $60/Member & Resident; $72/Non-Resident (8 weeks)
           $68/Member & Resident; $82/Non-Resident (9 weeks)
Ages: 16 and older
Location: Lodge Des Peres Gymnasium Court #1
Instructor: Mary Loida

Tuesday 10:15-11:10 a.m.
#4949 Tuesday, March 2 - April 27, (9 weeks)

Tuesday 5:30-6:25 p.m.
#4950 Tuesday, January 5 - February 23 (8 weeks)
#4951 Tuesday, March 2 - April 27 (9 weeks)

Thursday, 10:15 - 11:10 a.m.
#4952 January 7 - February 25 (8 weeks)
#4953 March 4 - April 29 (9 weeks)

Thursday, 5:30 - 6:25 p.m.
#4955 March 4 - April 29 (9 weeks)


***As of 11/17, face coverings are required at The Lodge at all times unless swimming or eating/drinking. Goalbusters class has been moved to our spacious gymnasium and participant capacity has been lowered. Class times include a 45-minute workout with 10 minutes allocated for disinfecting equipment. Each participant will have a designated 6’ x 6’ workout box with their own fitness and sanitizing equipment appropriately distanced from others (equipment will not be shared).  Participants are required to disinfect all equipment before and after class. All participants must wear a face covering for the entire class. All St. Louis County Health Department guidelines will be followed. Pre-paid registration for class required. Due to COVID-19, towels are not available until further notice. All participants must bring their own towels and locks from home. A limited number of shower stalls will be available for patron use. Disinfectant spray is available for use before/after showering. Lodge staff will clean and disinfect showers regularly. All St. Louis County Health Department guidelines will be followed.

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