Parks & Recreation Commission

Park Commission


  • First Thursday of even months
  • 6:00 p.m. in the Conference Room at The Lodge Des Peres
  • To view Agendas and Minutes, please click here


The Parks and Recreation Commission was established in March of 1973 as the first step in development of the strong parks and recreation system which the City now enjoys.

The Parks and Recreation Commission provides the citizen perspective to the professional staff in all matters relating to the operation and maintenance of the City Park system and The Lodge Des Peres. The members of the commission were actively involved in the process involving design of the community center and provided input on the design of the various programs being offered by the department. In addition to their advisory role, the Parks and Recreation Commission is empowered to set program and facility use fees within guidelines established by the Board of Aldermen and provide a recommendation on membership fees for The Lodge.

Members are appointed by the Mayor, with approval of the Board of Aldermen, for three year terms with equal representation required by ordinance from among the three wards.
Members Wards Term Expirations
Lawrence Reutter, Vice President Ward One 6/30/2022
 Timothy Callahan Ward Two 6/30/2022
 Darlene Corley Ward Three 6/30/2022
 William Sheridan Ward One  6/30/2023
 Mary Duggan, President Ward Two 6/30/2023
 Bill Reeves Ward Three 6/30/2023
 Margaret Amend Ward One 6/30/2024
 William Skowyra Ward Two 6/30/2024
 Marie Ganninger Ward Three 6/30/2024
Aldermanic Representative, James  Osherow  Ward One 6/30/2022