Engarde! This class offers an excellent introduction to the Olympic sport of fencing. Often called “physical chess,” fencing is a safe and fun activity that hones both the body and the mind. Receive expert training from former National Egyptian Coach Hossam Hassan. He currently holds certifications from the International Olympic Committee and the French Fencing Federation. Training will include stretching, drills, supervised fencing bouts, games and other fun activities. Participants will learn footwork techniques, blade work, elements of distance and timing, and will be introduced using state of the art electronic equipment. Wear loose, comfortable clothes, long pants, and athletic shoes. All other equipment will be provided.
Minimum 6/Maximum 30
Ages: 5 - Adult
Days: Saturday
Time: 10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.
Instructor: Hossam Hassan and Staff
Location: The Lodge Gymnasium, Court 2
Cost: $75 / Member; $79 / Resident; $90 / Non-Resident
Session 4: #4566 October 7 - November 11

2018 Information
Session 1: #5882
March 17 - April 21