Guest Services

Upon entering The Lodge, you will be greeted by friendly and knowledgeable staff. They can assist with your every need while you visit The Lodge.

Locks & Lockers

Lockers are currently available. There are large lockers in the locker rooms as well as smaller lockers in the fitness center, gymnasium and outdoor pool entrance. You may choose to bring your own lock. Members and Residents can borrow a Lock (Lodge ID Required). Any lost, broken or unreturned locks will be charged to your Lodge account.

Locks may not be left on lockers overnight. Each night the locker room will be checked, and any locks remaining will be removed.

The City of Des Peres recommends leaving valuables at home. However, if items are brought to The Lodge, we recommend using a lock to store your items safely. Leaving valuables unattended in the facility or in your car is highly discouraged.

Locker Room Guidelines

Please remember when using the locker rooms, the following guidelines have been put in place to ensure that all members and guests are comfortable at The Lodge Des Peres: 
• All members and guests are asked to exercise common sense and modesty to assist with maintaining a safe and comfortable environment in the locker rooms. 
• Use of camera or video applications is strictly prohibited.
• For health reasons, please do not change children in non-locker room areas. 
• Lock up your belongings in a locker on every visit. Please bring your own lock. The City of Des Peres is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Lockers are for daily use only.  All locks will be removed nightly.

Women’s Locker Room Guidelines
• The women’s locker room is for female patrons, ages 9 and older. 
• Female children under 9 are allowed with a responsible caregiver age 15 or older.
• For all other situations, please utilize the family change locker rooms located next to the party room.  

Men’s Locker Room Guidelines
• The men’s locker room is for male patrons, ages 9 and older.  
• Male children under 9 are allowed with a responsible caregiver age 15 or older. 
• For all other situations, please utilize the family change locker rooms located next to the party room.  

Family Change Locker Room Guidelines
• The family change locker rooms are designed for caregivers with opposite-gender children, 8 years old and younger, or for people with special needs.  
• Children with same-gender responsible caregivers (age 15 or older) may use the appropriate male/female locker rooms at the end of the hall. 
• Since space is limited, please use the Family Change Rooms as quickly as possible so more guests can have access. 

Des Peres Parks and Recreation Department invites people of all abilities to participate in our programs and events. Please notify us when you register or at least three business days in advance of the program/event date if accommodations due to a disability are needed to facilitate your participation and/or if there are medications or allergies of which we should be aware. If an inclusion support person is needed to assist the program participant with a disability, it may take two weeks or more to provide this type of accommodation. If we are unable to meet your needs, there is a grievance procedure available for ADA concerns. For assistance in arranging accommodations for participation or to notify us of medical concerns, please contact Terri Johnson, CTRS/CPRP, Executive Director of Municipal Partners for Inclusive Recreation, at 314-835-6157 (V) or dial 711 to use Relay Missouri, or email her at to discuss your participation.

Additional Information

For more information, please call 314.835.6150.