Fitness & Wellness

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Please find a current list of the equipment in our Fitness Center.  Click on any hyperlinks to watch a video on how to maximize use of each piece of equipment!


1 Stretch Cage by True Fitness


Personal Viewing Screens - 44 of 49 cardio machines have their own personal viewing systems

Due to COVID-19
, some equipment is not in service to allow enough spacing between machines. Some equipment has been moved to the gymnasium for additional space.
1 Track - approximately 1/10 mile for walking/running 
2 Concept 2 Rowers (Model E) 
1 Technogym Top Upper Body Ergometer 
STAGES Spin Bike (SOLO version)
STAGES Spin Bike (Les Mills version)
Precor Upright Bikes
Precor Recumbent Bikes
3 Precor Adaptive Motion Cross Trainers 
2 Cybex Arc Trainers 
4 TRUE Ellipticals 
10 Precor Ellipticals
2 Octane Lateral Ellipticals
Life Fitness Stepmills 
4 Life Fitness Treadmills 
TRUE Treadmills


Free Weights

Decline Ab Bench
Back Extension 
Decline Bench Press
Flat to Incline Olympic Bench Press
Dumbbell Rack (2.5 - 100 lbs)
Fixed Barbell Rack (15 - 55 lbs)
2,650 lbs in Various Weight Plates
Pull Up/Dip Station
Squat Press
Utility Benches (7)
Standing Preacher Curl
Smith Machine 
2 Half Racks
5 Olympic Barbells
Kettlebells 10 - 45 lbs

Precor Strength Circuit

Converging Chest Press
Converging Shoulder Press
Diverging Seated Row
Biceps Curl
Tricep Extension
Abdominal Crunch
Back Extension
Rear Delt/Pec Fly
Inner Thigh
Outer Thigh
Leg Extension
Glute Extension
Prone Leg Curl
Leg Press

Life Fitness Cable Circuit

Lat Pull Down 
Low Row