Georgian Trail  and Sandalwood Ct Reconstruction

Project Summary

Georgian Trail is very flat, and only has an inlet on the north side. We had it programmed for future replacement when the water company replaced the main in 2021. This accelerated our timeline, and we hired a consultant to design drainage improvements. Rather than the water company replace half the street, they paid the City the commensurate sum so that the whole street would be replaced at once. We also successfully applied for OMCI grant funding from MSD to cover the cost of the stormwater improvements. A new inlet will be installed across the street from the existing inlet.

Sandalwood Court is a short street and cul-de-sac off of Bopp Road. While it has been patched over the years, it is badly in need of replacement. Given its proximity to Georgian Trail, the two smaller streets are being combined into one project.

Bids were opened 6/16/22 with Sweetens Concrete Services as the low bidder. The contract was approved by the Board of Aldermen at their 7/11 meeting. City Staff and the contractor had a preconstruction meeting on 8/18.

Project Update and Schedule

On Friday 9/2, these letters and maps were hand-delivered. Work will start on Wednesday 9/7. Each Phase will take approximately one week to complete, with work occurring concurrently on Sandalwood Court and Georgian Trail at times. These dates are approximate, and depend greatly upon weather and everything going smoothly. The order is more reliable than the specific dates.

Week of 9/6: North side of Sandalwood (Ph1) removed W, setup Th, poured F; Southwest quadrant of Georgian (Ph2) removed Th, setup F, poured M

Week of 9/12: Poured Ph2 Monday, started removal of Ph3 (south side of Sandalwood) on Friday. An equipment breakdown delayed Friday's start.

Week of 9/19: Finished Ph3 removal Monday (setup Tu, poured W), Removed northwest quadrant of Georgian (Ph 4) on Tuesday (setup W, poured Th),

Week of 9/26: Waiting on sewer subcontractor; Reopen Ph 3 & Ph 4

Week of 10/3: Sewer work on Georgian M-W, Remove Northeast quadrant of Georgian (Ph5) Th-F, cleanup of Sandalwood and replacement of bad slab Th-F

Week of 10/10: Pour Northeast quadrant of Georgian (Ph 5)

Week of 10/17: Southeast quadrant of Georgian (Ph6)

Week of 10/24: Backfilling and Restoration

We are well aware that the curb on the cul-de-sac is higher than before. That was intentional in order to get it to drain. There is now a 1% slope from the back of the cul-de-sac to the future inlet (going in across from the current inlet). The area behind the curb will be regraded to drain properly, and driveways will be replaced as needed for drainage.

Last updated 10/5/22