Topping Lane Improvements

Project Summary
In 2016, improvements to Topping Lane were designed, with input from residents.  Drainage repairs were made at specific locations in 2017.  In 2018, concrete curbs will be added and the street will be overlaid with asphalt

Project Update and Schedule

This project bid on 4/20, with Spencer Contracting as the low bidder.  The contract was approved by the Board of Aldermen at their 5/14 meeting. The preconstruction meeting occurred 7/5, and notifications were distributed by hangtag on 7/10.  

City staff met with Missouri-American Water Company (MAWC) on 8/24 to discuss a variety of issues, including the recent main breaks on Topping Lane.  MAWC has agreed to expedite the replacement of the first segment of water main off of Manchester Road, approximately 280 linear feet.  This segment includes the two most recent breaks. While it may delay paving for a couple of weeks, we would much rather it be replaced now than after the street is finished.

Spencer has completed curb installation and asphalt base repair. Missouri-American Water completed their water main replacement on 9/19, allowing Spencer to make repairs to the actual street beginning 9/20.  Over the next few days, Spencer will be completing the last of the driveways, performing final grading, and laying sod.
As far as the street itself, there will first be a "wedge course" of asphalt installed down the centerline of the street in order to provide extra strength, cross-slope, and drainage.  This will be a relatively fast-moving operation, so please watch for equipment and trucks.  Cars can drive on this surface as soon as it is rolled, but passing equipment will be problematic due to the width of the road. The final surface course will be installed approximately 9/27 and 9/28. Notifications will be posted here and on signs along the street clarifying which days paving will occur.  There is currently rain in next week's forecast, which could push back the work.
During asphalt paving, the street will be completely closed while the asphalt is placed, then reopened in the evening.  PLEASE PLAN ACCORDINGLY. 

Updated 9/20/18

Topping-North End

Topping-South End