Spring Valley Woods Slab Replacements

Project Background

The City has budgeted over $350,000 to replace deficient concrete slabs in Spring Valley Woods Subdivision in 2022. This includes slabs  on Ballas View Drive, Ballas View Court, and Trailcrest Drive. A similar project is planned for Bent Brook Road (Spring Valley) in 2023. 

Please note that neither the existing nor new concrete is "colored" concrete.  While there is some limestone-based concrete around the city, most of the concrete contains Meramec sand and gravel, which provides the orange/brown look.  While the new concrete initially appears to be a bright white, over time, the color mellows and the top layer of cement wears off, revealing the brown sand and gravel underneath.

This project was advertised for bids on 3/3/22, with bids due 3/24/22. The lowest of six bidders was Sweetens Concrete Services. The Board of Aldermen awarded the contract to Sweetens at their 4/11/22 meeting. They also approved a supplemental appropriation of $160,000 to cover the full cost of the project as planned. Due to inflation, prices have gone up significantly since budgeting last summer/fall.

Project Update/Schedule

Slabs to be replaced have been marked by Streets staff. A preconstruction meeting took place on 5/4, and Sweetens started sawcutting 5/18. Removal and replacement of slabs will take place in 11 phases. They will hand-deliver letters prior to the start of work.  Work was scheduled to start 5/25, but with three days of rain in the forecast, we elected not to risk having open excavations over the holiday weekend.

Next week's work (tentative):
M 5/30-Memorial Day
Tu 5/31-remove Phase 1
W 6/1-pour Phase 1, remove Phase 2

Updated 5/25/22