Street Resurfacing Project

Project Summary
The 2020 Street Resurfacing Project will include Des Peres Drive, Ballas Meadows Drive, and Ridgefield Drive. In each case, the existing asphalt surface will be removed and replaced. If necessary, the underlying pavement will be repaired prior to final surface installation. A concrete rolled curb will be added at the north of of Des Peres Drive and damaged curbs will be replaced at some locations on Ballas Meadows Drive and Ridgefield Drive.

Project Update and Schedule

Twelve bids were opened 2/12/20, with E. Meier as the low bidder. Their bid was then approved by the Board of Aldermen at their 2/24 meeting. Work is expected to start in mid-April, but manpower levels are unclear right now due to potential illnesses. Letters will be sent to adjacent residents prior to the start of work.

Last updated 3/20/20