Sanitary Sewer Lateral Program

Public Works also oversees the City's Sanitary Sewer Lateral Repair / Insurance Program. This program is funded by a $28 fee that was approved by the voters of the City of Des Peres. View the procedures and application here.


Before the City's insurance policy will cover repairs, the homeowner needs to take a few steps to make sure the sewer lateral is indeed collapsed or damaged, rather than just clogged.
  1. Call a plumbing or sewer cleaning service and have them clean the sewer lateral line.  The homeowner is responsible for the cost of this service call.  If the cleaning solves the problem, the sewer lateral is fine.  If it does not solve the problem, the plumber should state the problem on the homeowner's invoice and the homeowner should apply to the Sewer Lateral Program.  A $175.00 application fee is required.
  2. The city will review the claim and arrange for our investigative contractor to video the inside of the pipe. This investigation will be used to ensure the line is collapsed or damaged.
  3. If the video shows damage, our repair contractor will repair the line.  The homeowner does not need to get bids for the repair.
  4. Expenses less than $7,500 will be paid by the City.  All costs thereafter are the homeowner's responsibility. 

Additional Notes

  • The contractor provides the City with a certificate of insurance and performance bond for this work. The company is licensed and has significant experience in doing this type of sewer repairs. 
  • Substantially solid sewer lines that merely have a few roots in them will not be replaced. Cabling of such lines is the homeowner’s responsibility
  • Should the scope of the project involve more than $7,500 in total charges, the owner will be given the choice of either directly paying the contractor for more work, or having the project stopped.

Please contact the public works department at 314-835-6130 for more information and to see if you qualify for the program.