Building Department

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Duties & Responsibilities

The Department of Public Works performs many tasks including:
  • Retaining direct and total responsibility for sign permits, demolition permits, commercial and residential building permits.
  • Inspect and/or investigate potential violations of the City's building and zoning codes.
The Director of Public Works staffs the Board of Adjustment, which hears appeals of decisions of the Building Official on code enforcement and interpretation issues, and considers variances filed by property owners for relief from the provision of the Zoning Code due to unique hardships.

Role of the Building Official
The City's Building Official is responsible for making certain the City’s Building Code is followed and permit requirements are met. These tasks include:
  • Reviewing commercial and residential building plans
  • Re-checking the capacity of load bearing members
  • Insuring all aspects of the building code are followed
  • Performing building inspections for code compliance
  • Performing occupancy permit inspections for all new businesses
  • Providing assistance to builders and residents who have questions about building and zoning requirements
  • Referring citizens to other agencies when their concerns are not under the City’s jurisdiction

Role of the Code Enforcement Officer 

In its Zoning Code Enforcement role, the Department of Public Works performs many tasks including:
  • Patrol and inspect areas for code violations  
  • Respond to complaints of potential code violations related to occupancy, nuisances, construction, zoning, animals, housing conditions and more
  • Enforce compliance of property maintenance, nuisance and zoning codes when violations are found
  • Conduct building inspections; ensures that all phases of construction, alteration and repair adhere to plans, specifications and compliance with City codes.

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