2018 Capital Improvement Projects

Street and Sidewalk Projects

Cracksealing (awarded to PLM) - currently underway
Sidewalk Replacement 
(awarded to M&H) - currently underway
Street Resurfacing 
(low bidder Ford Asphalt)
Fairoyal Drive Reconstruction 
(awarded to M&H)
Street Slab Replacement (low bidder Aztec Concrete Specialties)
Topping Lane Improvements (Bids 4/20)

Water Main Replacement        

Missouri-American Water Company is responsible for all water main replacements, and questions should be directed to John Dixon at 314-996-2330
Christine Avenue-replacement has been completed, but restoration remains
Vinetta Drive-a right-of-way permit was issued by the City on 3/27/18, with work scheduled to commence soon after.  MAWC provided a notification letter to residents on Vinetta.


Oak Drive Bridge 
(awarded to Kozeny-Wagner)

Parks Project

Conservation Area Parking (awarded to Sweetens) - currently underway


Salt Spreader Hanger
Door Replacements-completed
Air Compressor-completed


1 Ton Flatbed Truck with spreader and plow-ordered
2 Ton Dumptruck with spreader and plow-truck ordered, equipment being specified


Manchester Corridor Study (East of Ballas)

This study started in 2016 and was completed in 2017.  Presentations were given to the Board of Aldermen during a work session and to the Planning & Zoning Commission during a regular meeting.  Having this study in place puts the City in an excellent position to compete for federal project funding in the future, and provides a template to both MoDOT and developers.
Final Report
Presentations Slides